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The Coins of 1840s - Arno Safran 

Collecting Latin American Coinage that was Legal Tender in the US_Part 2 - Arno Safran

The Coins of 1873 - Arno Safran

Collecting Odd Denominational US Coins - Arno Safran

Date Rarity Vs. Grade Rarity - Arno Safran

The Coins that Grandfather used - Arno Safran

The Decade of Great Change-1830's_2 - Arno Safran

The Roaring Twenties - Arno Safran

Collecting Charles Barber's coinage - Arno Safran

US Early Coinage by 5s - Arno Safran

The Coins of 1860 & Lincoln - Arno Safran

Collecting US Transitional Dates_20th Century - Arno Safran

The Origins of Liberty Seated Coinage - Arno Safran

The Coins of 1799 - Arno Safran

Collecting US Transitional Dates_18th & 19th Century - Arno Safran

The Coins of 1796_revised - Arno Safran

Collecting Foreign American Coinage_Part 1_Dominions of Spain - Arno Safran

Countermarked Coins- X. Pique

Heraldry- Coats of Arms in Coins- X. Pique

Hard Times Tokens Part 1 - Arno Safran

Hard Times Tokens Part 2 - Arno Safran

Hobo Nickels- X. Pique

Survey of U.S. Circulating Coins- X. Pique

U.S. Gold Coin Types- 1849-1933-  Arno Safran

Company Store Tokens- X. Pique

Sunken Treasure- X. Pique

U.S. Coins- Decade of 1830's- Arno Safran

Models for Lady Liberty- Arno Safran

Show Me Your Doubloons  (Mardi Gras Tokens)- X. Pique

Georgia Bank Notes- X. Pique

U.S. Coins of 1939- Arno Safran

A Set of Mexican Notes- Arno Safran

Funny Money- X. Pique

US Coins- Transitional Dates- Arno Safran

Gold Coins of 1776- part 1- X. Pique

The Life of Thomas Jefferson- X. Pique